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    EDI 12" Disc Diffusers w/ PTFE-Coated Membrane
    Outstanding resistance to calcium carbonate, oils, fats and greases
    3/4" NPT(M) connection

    Item: 56992
    Weight: 2.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $45.00 

    EDI ArmorCoated diffusers stand up to harsh environments. Their premium EPDM low-oil membranes make up the diffusers’ structural base, and their unique PTFE ArmorCoated finish offers increased capabilities in severe service applications. The coating helps prevent calcium carbonate fouling in hard-water applications, and waterside attack from unusual solids or aggressive wastewater materials.

    Replacement membranes are available. Use them for routine maintenance, or to upgrade existing 9 or 12" diffusers from most manufacturers.

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