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Part#: 12392
Weight: 1.7 lbs

Precision Digital Vantageview PD6730 Flow Rate Monitor/Totalizer w/ Pulse Input‚ 4-20 mA Output‚ 9-30 VDC Loop Powered

  • Rugged NEMA 4X field enclosure with rotatable backlit display
  • Dual-line readout—view rate and total simultaneously
  • Battery-powered units available—perfect in remote locations or for reliable backup power
Price: $569.00
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Vantageview flow monitor/totalizers offer maximum flexibility in flow metering applications. Their rugged NEMA 4X field enclosure with UV stabilizer features three 3/4" NPT conduit openings and two slotted flanges. Large backlit display offers a wide viewing arc of 80°‚ nearly twice that of competitive models. It rotates 0º‚ 90º‚ 180º or 270º‚ making mounting easy. Four SafeTouch® sensors operate as through-window buttons—program and operate your monitor without removing the cover (and exposing the electronics). These buttons can also be disabled for security. Password protection keeps unwanted programming changes from occurring.

These monitors accept either pulse or analog 4-20 mA input signals from flowmeters. They feature one or two open collector outputs that are programmable for alarm or pulse output functions. Set alarms as high or low trip points based on flow rate or totalized value. Pulse output models can be configured to retransmit pulse input signals using K-factor scaling capability. 4-20 mA output models let you retransmit rate‚ total or grand total.

Programmable math functions simplify difficult flow applications. Display flow rate from a differential pressure transmitter signal using the square root extraction function. 32-point linearization utilities allow you to read flow from flumes and weirs that use an ultrasonic level sensor.

PD6720 monitor/totalizers provide a basic display readout for any flowmeter that produces a 4-20 mA output signal. Use as a primary readout or a rugged auxiliary in-the-field display.

PD6730 monitor/totalizers display a pulse input signal‚ such as that from an open collector‚ pulse or switch contact. They offer ultra-flexible configuration‚ including the use of custom tags‚ and the ability to reset to zero (grand total can be configured as non-resettable). Use display buttons to manually change between total and grand total‚ or configure the display to automatically alternate values between total and grand total value‚ total and grand total units‚ custom assigned tag name or units‚ etc.

PD6730 models datalog up to 1024 records with date‚ time‚ rate‚ total‚ grand total and log number. View and navigate data directly on the LCD screen—no need for external control stations or serial communication. Battery-powered models are available. Use battery for primary or backup power—keep totalizing even if the electricity goes out! Replaceable lithium battery offers up to about 7 years of service life (varies upon usage). Note: PD6730 models are available with modbus RS-485 communications as special order. Contact USABlueBook for more information.