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    U.S. Valve Blower Check Valve‚ CS/Alum/EPDM‚ 3"NPT‚ 07-1-0E (3)
    Silicone seals rated to 300°F

    Item: 56589
    Weight: 2.7 lbs
    Catalog Price: $114.00 

    These high-quality valves feature a resilient hinged design that ensures the lowest possible pressure loss. Their air-foil style wing support provides for a laminar (or streamline) flow, extending valve life. Each valve is individually inspected and tested for optimal quality.

    Threaded valve features lower-cost carbon steel body and EPDM seal and aluminum disc plate.

    Repair kits are available to rebuild your valve. They include silicone seals and all internal parts; everything but the valve body.

    Note: For maximum life, check valves should be installed with at least six pipe diameters of straight unrestricted piping upstream and downstream of the valve.

    Tech Specs
    • Width: 5.5"

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