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    U.S. Valve Blower Check Valve‚ CI/Alum/Silicone‚ 3"Wafer‚ 09-2-0S (3)
    Silicone seals rated to 500°F

    Item: 56593
    Weight: 10.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $158.00 

    These high-quality valves feature a resilient hinged design that ensures the lowest possible pressure loss. Their air-foil style wing support provides for a laminar (or streamline) flow, extending valve life. Each valve is individually inspected and tested for optimal quality.

    Wafer valves have cast iron bodies, silicone seals and aluminum disc plates.

    Repair kits are available to rebuild your valve. They include silicone seals and all internal parts; everything but the valve body.

    Note: For maximum life, check valves should be installed with at least six pipe diameters of straight unrestricted piping upstream and downstream of the valve.

    Tech Specs
    • Width: 2.3"

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