Part#: 85128
Weight: 0.0 lbs

Chemical Metering Pump Containment Enclosure for Single Pumps, Blue

  • 360° protection and containment from dangerous chemical sprays and leaks
  • Avoid costly chemical spills
  • Fits almost any size chemical feed pump
Price: $364.95
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Create a 360° protection barrier around your metering pump with these 100% polyethylene corrosion-resistant pump containment shelves. A viewing window lets you inspect pumps and tubing before safely opening the enclosure. Pump mounting shelf is raised above the containment area to keep chemical leaks away from the pump itself. Enclosures feature integral sidewall openings specifically designed for electrical connections‚ as well as the pump’s suction and discharge tubing. Any leaks are contained inside the enclosure‚ minimizing potential hazardous spills and personal injury.

Each enclosure features a built-in sump with a 1/4" NPT(F) drain port that safely collects chemicals leaking from tubing or pumps. When combined with a tubing adapter (stock #68436) and tubing (stock # 17200)‚ you can simply run the contaminated chemical back to a drum or bucket.

Includes: four plated-steel anchor lugs with fasteners for wall or deck mounting.

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Tech Specs
  • Dimensions: 15"L x 18.25"W x 22.5"H
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