Part#: 10790
Weight: 5.0 lbs

Schonstedt® MAGGIE™ Magnetic Locator

  • Audio and visual indicators combine for pinpoint accuracy
  • LCD display shows signal polarity‚ bar graph & battery level
  • 7-year warranty
Price: $884.95
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Get pinpoint accuracy and convenient one-handed operation with the MAGGIE magnetic locator. This exceptionally sensitive unit features patented HeliFlux® magnetic field sensors to detect iron and steel objects such as property markers‚ water lines‚ well casings and manhole covers. It won’t respond to non-ferrous metals such as aluminum‚ brass and copper. The MAGGIE locator weighs only 2.6 lbs‚ and all controls are thumb accessible‚ allowing for complete one-handed operation. The variable gain control knob lets you set sensitivity exactly where you want it.

When the MAGGIE locates an object‚ it provides audio and visual indicators. The audio tone increases in intensity as the locator approaches the target. The LCD display shows signal polarity‚ a bar graph representing relative signal strength‚ and battery level. While audio indication alone locates most objects‚ using audio and visual indicators together lets you pinpoint the target more accurately and determine its orientation.

Battery life is 24 intermittent hours on one 9V battery. Locator features high-impact ABS construction. Overall length is 32-1/2" (lower 17-1/2" is waterproof).

Includes: Padded soft carrying case‚ 9V alkaline battery and instruction manual. 7-year warranty.


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