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Zenner® Stealth Reader Mobile AMR Drive-by System w/ 50 Meters‚ Training & Software

  • Reduce meter reading costs & lower operating expenses—Automatically collect water meter data from your vehicle or on foot
  • Complete systems include 50 water meters and all the items you need for mobile meter reading
  • Easily retrofits with any encoder- or pulse-output water meters—upgradable to fixed network system at any time
Price: $27,047.95
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Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems have delivered on the promise of reducing meter reading costs, increasing cash flows and lower operating costs for water utilities nationwide. Now Zenner Stealth Reader Mobile AMR System offers an easy jumping-on point to this technology.

Non-engineered, low-cost solution—ready to use right out of the box!
Stealth Reader enables operators to focus on problem solving rather than the non-productive task of meter reading. This off-the-shelf solution gives you everything you need to set up your own automatic meter reading system with just one purchase. And because its hardware is compatible with fixed network functionality (AMI), upgrading your utility as your needs grow is simple. You’ll be assured of your investment both now and down the road.

Meter interface units affix to each water meter to wirelessly collect data
The key to the Stealth Reader system is the innovative MIU (Meter Interface Unit), which affixes to each meter in your system. This radio unit offers 2-way communication, allowing your meters to both transmit and receive data (important for pushing through firmware updates or uploading desired monitoring algorithms).

The MIU collects and stores up to 365 days of data. Data can be graphed and analyzed to develop individual usage profiles. Determine exact times of water theft or tampering, identify leaks, enforce conservation schedules such as day-of-week lawn watering, ensure proper meter sizing and more. Data is also valuable in settling billing disputes! High-usage thresholds are configurable by user, alerting your operators to suspicious activity.

MIUs take advantage of military-level technology by operating on unlicensed, frequency-hopping 902 Mhz-928 Mhz wireless signals. Because each radio unit acts as a repeater, you can maximize distance of reading collection to about 1/2 mile from your last radio unit.

Each MIU is encased in an IP68-rated waterproof, fully potted enclosure, and features field-replaceable lithium batteries. They’re so rugged, they even come with a 20-year warranty. MIUs are meter-independent; you can retrofit them to any existing encoded or pulse output meter with a simple two- or three-wire connection. Pit or wall mounting hardware is included for each MIU.

System includes two Stealth handheld and drive-by collectors that let you collect data from your vehicle or on foot
Use the Stealth Handheld Collector for initial meter setup. It can then be used as a walk-by option for data collection. Its rugged IP67-rated waterproof enclosure is concrete drop tested to ensure long life in the field. It offers easy navigation with a color touchscreen display. Comes complete with rechargeable lithium-ion battery and USB docking cradle.
The Stealth Mobile Drive-By Collector is encased in a lightweight, portable enclosure, and includes a magnetic antenna to mount on your vehicle roof. Since the antenna doesn’t require permanent mounting, you can easily move the system from one vehicle to another—no dedicated vehicle required. It features an independent GPS receiver that keeps track of your collector’s position in real time, and ensures that all meters in the configured route have been read.
The included laptop computer and Stealth Command mobile software give audible clues on meter reading successes or failures, so your operator can keep their eyes on the road. You can even set the software to alert you to unusual readings that may require further investigation.

Cloud-based Stealth meter data management system allows to complete data analysis and reporting
Once you’ve collected your data, Zenner Stealth Meter Data Management System will help you complete your data analysis and reporting. This web-based system, hosted by Zenner, is simple, flexible and scalable. The graphic dashboard presents the information you want in a clear and intuitive format.
Fully customizable: choose your collection routes by commercial/ residential, meter size, neighborhood, etc; specify the collection cycles you require. Set up specific role-based security access levels for reading collectors, route/cycle organizers, superintendents or others. Group and program utility customer accounts, including managing multiple account buildings such as apartments or office complexes.
The included System Billing Software Interface lets you export your data into most common file formats to import into your billing software, share with customers or use internally to identify possible leakages.

Zenner Stealth Reader Automatic Meter Reading System includes:
1. (50) 5/8 x 3/4" Water Meters with ETR encoders (your choice of multi-jet or positive displacement, sold separately)
2. (50) Meter Interface Units (MIU) with 18"L wire
3. (50) MIU Installation Kits (any combination of pit or wall mount options)
4. Stealth Handheld Collector
5. Stealth Mobile Drive-By Collector with Magnetic Antenna
6. Stealth GPS receiver
7. Laptop computer
8. Stealth Command Mobile software
9. Meter Data Management System (cloud-based; hosted by Zenner)
10. System Billing software interface
11. Initial training support
12. One-year maintenance contract

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