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    Page 915 Specs Manual
    Flowline EchoWave™ Radar Level Transmitter w/ 9.8’L Rod Probe‚ 3/4"NPT
    Simple 3-wire‚ 4-20 mA output wiring
    Accurate to within 3 mm
    Unaffected by changes in temperature‚ pressure‚ vapor‚ vacuum or foam

    Item: 14137
    Weight: 15.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $950.00 

    Get highly accurate‚ continuous level measurement up to 18 feet with these general purpose guided wave radar transmitters. Use where foam‚ vapor‚ vacuum‚ condensation‚ or other factors make it tough to use other types of level measurement. They’re ideal in bulk storage‚ day tank‚ IBC or drum‚ process tank‚ or waste sump applications. CSA‚ CE‚ CRN certified.

    These transmitters detect level by sending several low-energy‚ high frequency electromagnetic impulses down a stainless steel probe immersed in the liquid being measured. When the impulses hit the liquid’s surface‚ they travel back up the probe to the transmitter’s sensing circuitry. The transmitter then calculates level (or volume) based on the time difference between impulse transmission and receipt.

    Easily prepare your transmitter for use with your PC and WebCal™ software (free download). Simply take a few measurements of the vessel and anticipated liquid height‚ input the data in the software‚ and load it onto the transmitter using the included USB fob interface. Then‚ mount the transmitter into the vessel and press the single pushbutton to perform a brief Empty Signal Scan. This powerful scan maps out and remembers ladders‚ tank seams and other construction characteristics of the vessel to prevent potential false level readings. Note: Vessel must be empty during scan with rod or cable probes (scan not required for coaxial probe).

    Transmitters are available with standard probe lengths you can easily trim in the field to fit your application. Rod probes are great for use in metallic or reinforced concrete tanks. Recommended for use in clean‚ dirty‚ coating or crystallizing liquids in above-grade metallic tanks or below-grade tanks of any material.

    Optional accessories help you adapt transmitters to your specific application. Side mounting brackets properly space transmitters away from the vessel wall for optimum placement (bushing required). Reducing bushings let you adapt the transmitter’s 3/4"NPT connection to 1" or 2" tank connections. An external 10-30 VDC power supply is required (order separately; stock # 71005).

    Includes: USB fob.

    Tech Specs
    • Range: 9.8 feet (3 m)
    • Temperature: -40 to 302°F
    • Accuracy: ±0.118" (3 mm) or 0.03% of measured distance‚ whichever is greater
    • Pressure: -14.5 to 250 psi
    • Deadband: 4" below process connection‚ 2" above end of probe

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