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    Filter Monitor Kit for 1/8" Sensing Point
    Clear visual indication of filter condition
    Easily resets when filter is replaced

    Item: 58143
    Weight: 0.2 lbs
    Catalog Price: $49.95 

    Clogged air filters can significantly increase motor amp draw, and even cause damage to your blowers. Filter monitors let you check the condition of your filter elements by monitoring the pressure differential across the filter element—no need to remove the filter housing cover! Monitors mount to the side of your filter housing, and connect to the sensing point using the included hose. Choose from two mounting styles.

    Thru-bolt mount filter monitors sense filter condition through a 1/8" hole found on Solberg and Universal filter housings.

    Includes: 1/8" bolt with barb fitting and sensing hole, and 18" connecting hose.

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