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This item is no longer available. Please see item # 301750.

Part#: 33587
Weight: 25.0 lbs
Brand: Hayward

Hayward 6" Butterfly Valve with HRSN3AK1 Actuator‚ PVC/EPDM

  • Great where corrosion is a concern
  • Actuated model
  • Feature wafer connections
    This item is a replacement for stock # 57978
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Hayward PVC butterfly valves feature PVC construction with stainless steel shafts and EPDM seals. They’re great for water service‚ but also handle abrasive or slurry-type fluids. Choose this actuated model for applctions requiring automation. Actuators feature two auxilliary limit switches‚ a position indicator and a manual override shaft.

Other seals‚ operators‚ actuation options and voltages are available; contact USABlueBook for more information.

Tech Specs
  • Max psi rating: 150 psi
  • Temperature: 120°F
  • Applications: on/off service for fluids
  • Face to Face: 2.19"
  • Actuators: 120 VAC‚ 60 Hz NEMA 4X enclosure

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