Part#: 360811
Weight: 400.0 lbs
Brand: USABlueBook

USABlueBook® Chemical Feed Skid System with 2 LMI Pumps, 600 gpd, 30 psi

  • Features LMI pumps with 4-20 mA inputs
  • Off-the-shelf configurations are great for common municipal applications
  • Ideal for sodium hyphchlorite and hydrogen peroxide
Price: $10,520.00
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Our chemical feed skid systems are configured for the most common municipal applications. Fully assembled and tested‚ they’re pre-plumbed for plug-and-play convenience—simply supply power to the control panel and connect the piping to your system.

Each system features two LMI pumps you can control manually or via a 4-20 mA signal; an H-O-A switch lets you select your control method or turn off the system. For added safety during maintenance tasks‚ units also have a power disconnect switch. The pipe and ball valves feature CPVC and Viton® construction for chemical resistance. Pipe has a 1/2" connection. Valves are vented for use with off-gassing chemicals like sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide.

Suitable for chlorine and general chemicals. Use with 20% aluminum sulfate‚ ammonium chloride‚ ammonium hydroxide‚ ammonium sulfate‚ calcium hypochlorite‚ ferric sulfate‚ 36% hydrochloric acid‚ 10% hydrogen peroxide‚ magnesium hydroxide‚ potassium permanganate‚ sodium bisulfate‚ sodium hexametaphosphate‚ sodium hydroxide (caustic)‚ sodium hypochlorite and sodium phosphate (call for compatibility with other chemicals).

Includes: chemical-resistant base‚ two LMI pumps‚ two-plug receptacle‚ control panel‚ H-O-A switch‚ power disconnect‚ run lights‚ inlet Y-strainer‚ calibration column‚ pressure gauge with guard‚ back pressure valve and isolation valves. Discharge tubing and fittings are not included (order separately).

Note: Systems are configured for flooded suction only. Many customization options are available for your specific needs; contact us for details.

Shipping: Ships motor freight.

Tech Specs
  • Automatic switchover capability: no
  • LMI Pump Model: C781-36
  • Max GPD (per pump): 600
  • PSI: 30