Part#: 87377
Weight: 486.0 lbs
Brand: USABlueBook

USABlueBook® Anti-Foam Concentrate‚ 55-Gallon Drum

  • No dilution required
  • Controls foaming in treatment plants and sewers
  • Easy to inject into nozzle spray system when needed
Price: $836.35
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Designed for use in wastewater treatment systems‚ this product can easily handle those occasional build-ups of foam that happen from time to time even in the best plants. The non-polluting water-based formula contains special silicone defoaming agents for fast knockdown of foam due to detergents‚ surfactants and organic materials in the water. Residual anti-foam ingredients prevent refoaming or formation of scum blankets‚ regardless of the pH.

Drip into waste stream immediately prior to digester. It can be poured directly into waste stream to handle large amounts of foam. Application rates range from 25 to 100 ppm (1 quart to 1 gallon per 10,000 gallons of spray or water).

Shipping: Ships motor freight.