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    Quest HI-E DRY® Model 70 Dehumidifier
    Plug-in control reduces installation costs
    5-year limited warranty

    Item: 89597
    Weight: 65.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $1,155.95 

    The problem: The chronic condensation problems common to water and wastewater facilities promote the deterioration of piping‚ equipment‚ controls and the facility’s physical structure. Substantial maintenance budgets are needed to fight the damaging effects of condensation. The cooler conditions present in your plant increase the relative humidity and diminish the ability of most dehumidification equipment to correct the humidity problem.

    The solution: Quest HI-E DRY dehumidifiers were designed for performance at temperatures that range from 40°F to 110°F. These dehumidifiers will work superbly at its lowest temperature range‚ while other refrigeration dehumidifiers freeze up and become ineffective.

    These units are also the most energy-efficient dehumidifiers made‚ reducing your long-term operating costs. Quest Models 120 and 195 will remove up to 7 pints of water per kilowatt‚ Quest 70 removes 5 pints per kilowatt. The industry average remains at only 2 to 3 pints per kilowatt.

    Quest 70 plugs into a standard 110 to 120V outlet. This cost-effective‚ high performing dehumidifier is small enough to fit in a utility closet‚ or hang out of sight in a drop ceiling. Hang kit not included; order separately below.

    Use the following guideline to select the proper unit‚ depending on the volume of the room you need to dehumidify: Model 70: 1‚000 to 15‚000 ft3* (ideal for valve pits to small pump houses) *Assumes no open water and other natural ventilation.

    Model 70 includes an 8’ power cord and one dehumidifier filter.

    Shipping: Ships UPS.

    Tech Specs
    • Capacities/24 hrs ; 80°F‚ 80% RH: 88 pints ; 80°F‚ 60% RH: 70 pints ; 60°F‚ 80% RH: 55 pints
    • Air flow: 150 cfm
    • Refrigeration charge (R22): 15 oz
    • Operating conditions: 40 to 110°F
    • Dimensions: 12"W x 21"H x 12"D
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