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Part#: 96755
Weight: 6.0 lbs
Brand: _Unspecified

Heavy-Duty Hydrant Shutoff Valve with Hand Wheel, 2-1/2" NST

  • Protect internal hydrant valves from damage during shutoff
  • 2-1/2" NST swivel connection with hand wheel or crank handle
Price: $274.95
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Protect main hydrant valves from damage caused by frequent operation. These aluminum hydrant shutoff valves allow easy on/off operation of hydrant flow. They reduce wear and tear on the main valve, and help prevent saturation under the drain system that can lead to improper hydrant drainage. Heavy-duty valves feature a stainless steel gate valve spindle and two gaskets, one on each side of the gate's seat.

Valves should be used for open or closed applications only. They are not intended for flow control or flow throttling, as this will cause valve failure.

Note: USABlueBook does not recommend extremely fast opening/closing of hydrant shutoff valves. It can cause forcible water hammer and potentially damage/break mains.

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Tech Specs
  • Description: 2-1/2" NST x 2-1/2" NST
  • Handle: hand wheel