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Part#: 98991
Weight: 17.0 lbs
Brand: Kupferle

Kupferle Eclipse 9750i Intelligent Portable Quality Device w/ Free Chlorine‚ Temperature and Pressure Sensors

  • Save time—monitor and record water quality during hydrant flushing!
  • Notifies you when user-defined water quality parameters are met
  • Eliminates the need to take numerous hand samples
Price: $12,648.00
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Easily monitor and record water quality while flushing hydrants with the Eclipse 9750i‚ also known as "The Flushing Buddy." This innovative device accommodates up to eight sensors so you can simultaneously measure any combination of chlorine‚ temperature‚ turbidity‚ pH‚ water pressure and more—without taking multiple hand samples at every hydrant.

Simply use the 3-1/2" color touchscreen to enter hydrant information and setpoints for selected parameters. The unit alerts you with audio/visual notifications when setpoints are met during flushing. It also logs hydrant designation number‚ water quality results and approximate gallons flushed to a micro SD card (download later to a GIS program or Excel spreadsheet).

The Eclipse 9750i attaches directly to a fire hydrant or blow-off using a 2-1/2" NST side cap with quick-disconnect nozzle. You can also connect it to the fire hydrant/diffuser using optional hose (sold separately). It’s housed in a rugged yet lightweight plastic case with a convenient carrying handle and space for additional sensors.

Conductivity‚ ORP‚ fluoride‚ chlorine dioxide and dissolved oxygen sensors are available as special order; contact us for details.

Tech Specs
  • Sensors: free chlorine‚ temperature & pressure
  • Range
    Chlorine: 0.00 to 5.00 ppm
    pH: 2.00 to 12.00 pH
    Turbidity: 0 to 40 NTU
    Temperature: 23 to 131°F
  • Probe inputs: 4 standard‚ up to 8 total
  • Flow rate: approx. 3.17 gph
  • Max pressure: 230 psi
  • Memory: nonvolatile dynamic data‚ 120K; two removable micro-SD cards‚ up to 32 GB and two adapters (micro SD and USB)
  • Power: 24 VDC rechargeable Li-ion battery; 72-hour battery life
  • Connection: 2-1/2" NST
  • Dimensions: 18"H x 13"W x 12"D

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