Part#: 74345
Weight: 15.0 lbs
Brand: PlantPRO

PlantPRO™ Ammonia Control Bacterial Supplement, 1-Gallon Bottle

  • Helps recover from nitrification drop due to cold weather or toxicity
  • Lower effluent ammonia
Price: $275.00
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Nitrification can quickly drop from toxicity or cold conditions, and nitrifiers don't bounce back quickly. Use PlantPRO ammonia control to start reducing ammonia concentrations within three days of application. It contains high concentrations of active nitrifying bacteria, including Nitrosomonas, Nitrospira and Nitrobacter. A typical treatment lasts about 10 days. At that point, nitrifying bacteria will continue to grow to control ammonia.

Note: Must be refrigerated upon receipt.

Shipping: Expedited shipping.

Dosage Schedule: Per 100,00 gpd Flow
Water Temperature / Initial Dosage / Maintenance
Below 65°F / 2 quarts on day 1 / 6 oz per day
Above 65°F / 1 quart on day 1 / 3 oz per day

Dosage Schedule: Per 1 million gpd of Flow
Water Temperature / Initial Dosage / Maintenance
Below 65°F / 5 gal on day 1 / 2 quarts per day
Above 65°F / 2-1/2 gal on day 1 / 1 quart per day


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