Part#: 350924
Weight: 85.0 lbs
Brand: PlantPRO

PlantPRO™ Chemical Feed System for Double-Pump Operation, PVC/EPDM, Panel-Mounted, 36"W x 30"H

  • Efficient panel-mounted configuration reduces space requirements
  • Ready to install—no assembly required
  • Specifically for water and wastewater applications
  • Pump not included
Price: $2,049.95
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Ordering a chemical feed skid has never been easier. Browse through our selection of chemical feed pumps to find the pumps that best suit your application. Then, choose this panel (or another of the standard panel or skid configurations we offer) and we'll install your pumps on the skid. All systems are hydrostatically tested before shipment.

These wall-mounted units are perfect for use with diaphragm and other small metering pumps with or without a multifunction valve. Panel is constructed of durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE). System features EPDM components for use with caustic liquids. Piping is Schedule 80 PVC.

Includes: 250 mL calibration column, back pressure valve, pressure gauge with PVC/PTFE seal, unpowered terminal enclosure for control signal termination, and duplex power receptacle (pump plugin) with weatherproof cover and 6'L power cord.

Note: Pumps not included; order separately.