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Part#: 96713
Weight: 21.0 lbs
Brand: Hydro Hitch

Hydro-Hitch™ with Pitot Assembly, 4" Cam-Lock Fittings

  • Attach to the trailer hitch on your truck for extra support
  • Designed for fast, efficient, safe discharges
Price: $1,159.95
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The Hydro-Hitch water diffuser allows just one technician to easily flush all your hydrants. Install the diffuser horizontally and flush through either one end or both ends. The diffuser is constructed from powder-coated aluminum and weighs only 21 pounds.

To operate the truck-mounted Hydro-Hitch, simply connect it to the trailer hitch on your vehicle and run a hose between it and the hydrant.

Includes: 4" Cam-Lock fittings, pitot assembly, 3-1/2" gauge and one 2-1/2" NST(F) swivel port.

Several accessories are available for the truck-mounted Hydro-Hitch. Choose an Aqua-D-Chlor™ tablet feed attachment to dechlorinate water. For applications with ascorbic acid tablets, order the optional fine-screen stainless steel insert for the tablet feed attachment. A 4" cam lock box strainer is available for the cam lock model.