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Part#: 96715
Weight: 10.0 lbs
Brand: Hydro Hitch

Brass Hydrant Shutoff Valve with Crank Handle, 2-1/2" NST

  • Heavy-duty brass construction
  • Economical alternative to aluminum versions
  • 300 psi rating
Price: $245.95
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Heavy-duty brass shutoff valves are a low cost alternative for controlling pressurized water during hydrant flow testing or flushing. The non-rising stem, slow-closing valve eliminates the potential for water hammer and can open and close easily with one hand.

The sealing surface features a special high-density polymer seating ring. The valve stem is machined out of solid brass for longevity; it allows the seat to recess within the upper chamber of the valve body for a full flow and an unobstructed waterway.

Note: USABlueBook does not recommend extremely fast opening/closing of hydrant shutoff valves. It can cause forcible water hammer and potentially damage/break mains.

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