Boost-N-Lock pH Adjustor‚ 40 lbs
Part#: 90297
Weight: 55.0 lbs
Brand: Aquafix Inc

Boost-N-Lock pH Adjustor‚ 40 lbs

  • pH adjustment & stabilization without increasing sludge
Price: $112.00
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Use Boost N Lock to raise and stabilize pH in aerobic and anaerobic systems, while minimizing sludge production. This unique blend is excellent at buffering pH safely and efficiently, and is great for modest pH adjustment.

In aerobic processes, Boost N Lock's high levels of calcium and magnesium improve floc formation by improving calcium/magnesium bridging. In anaerobic digesters, it increases pH without increasing sludge and buffers, and without excess sodium that can become toxic. Ideal for systems with pH of 6.0 or higher.

Dosage Schedule:
Initial Dose*: 210 lbs per million gallons daily until pH is neutralized
Maintenance Dose*: 20 lbs per million gallons daily
*General dose rates. Exact dose rates are determined by titration