USABlueBook Supplier Resource Center

USABlueBook Supplier Resource Center USABlueBook Supplier Resource Center
Welcome to our online Supplier Resource Center. Here our valued suppliers will find critical information and prospective suppliers can provide us information on their product offerings.
Founded by operators for operators, USABlueBook provides our customers with the Best Treatment through our outstanding service, vast product selection and technical expertise. We are committed to providing a comprehensive selection of water and wastewater MRO equipment and supplies to our customers working at municipalities, private industry, food and beverage processing facilities, and other organizations. As a USABlueBook supplier, you play a key role in supporting this commitment.
Current Suppliers
The links at left provide important information pertaining to legal practices, shipping, invoicing and more. Many of these documents bear the HD Supply name, as USABlueBook is a part of HD Supply. For assistance with issues not addressed through these resources, please reach out to your Product Category Manager.
Potential Suppliers
USABlueBook represents more than 700 manufacturers—ranging from specialty tool entrepreneurs to the industry’s largest brand names. When you go to market with USABlueBook, we promote your product through our flagship catalog, website, specialty promotions (where applicable), and a dedicated sales and service organization.
If you think your product(s) would complement our offering, please email us at [email protected] or send a letter with product literature to:


Attn: Product Category Management Department

PO Box 9005

Gurnee, IL 60031

We will contact your organization after reviewing this information.