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PlantPRO Chemical Feed Pump Cleaning Solution
Dosage Schedule
8 ounces per week for most applications. Higher-volume pumps and long runs of feed line may require more than 8 ounces.
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PlantPRO™ Chemical Feed Pump Cleaning Solution
Removes line buildup from many treatment chemicals
Reduces frequency of pump rebuilds and injector clogs
Safe—made of food-grade ingredients
Make upkeep of your chemical feed pumps more bearable with our PlantPRO cleaning solution. It removes damaging buildup caused by hard water, scale, sodium hypochlorite, fluoride, alum and iron. This extends the time between system maintenance, and saves money on pump repair parts and downtime.
For easy application, pour the solution into your calibration column and let it run through your pump, feed line and injector. The solution is formulated from NSF-60 and food-grade ingredients, so you can let it flow right into your water or wastewater stream.
If you don’t have a calibration column, order the starter kit below.
Cleaning Solution
Case of Twelve 8-oz Bottles 351154
2-Gallon Bulk Pail 351155
Calibration Column Starter Kit
Kit includes: twelve 8-oz bottles of PlantPRO chemical feed pump cleaning solution and a 200-mL calibration column. Column is supplied pre-plumbed on a stand for easy mounting or portability, and has a 1/2" NPT(F) connection and 3/8" tube fittings.
Calibration Column Starter Kit 351156
Calibration Column
Customers are saying...
“Our Water Dept. uses this cleaning solution as part of our regular maintenance performed on our chemical feed pumps. It saves us labor and downtime due to injector failure and calcium/scale buildup. I would recommend anyone using chemical feed pumps add this cleaning solution to their weekly maintenance schedule.”
– Shawn M., Village of Gowanda
“We switched to this cleaning solution from muriatic acid for cleaning our chemical feed pumps. We don’t have to take our pumps out of service and disassemble anymore. What a savings of time and money. We have used the solution for over year, and have not had any chemical feed pumps out of service since using the solution in our preventative maintenance program.”
– Brett M., Jones Township