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Make your own chlorine-based disinfectant: up to 2 lbs of free available chlorine (FAC) per day!
De Nora MIOX® 2 On-Site Chemical Generators
Chemical generator 361320 (left) shown with optional oxidant storage tank 36121 (right)
De Nora MIOX® 2 On-Site Chemical Generators
Avoid costly bulk deliveries of sodium hypochlorite
Safe and easy to use—no dangerous chemicals to handle
Self-cleaning and fully automatic—simply refill salt for routine maintenance
Easily produce chlorine-based disinfectant on site with the De Nora MIOX 2 chemical generator. Compact and simple to operate, it uses electrolysis to transform water and food-grade salt into Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS).
A single generator creates up to 60 gallons of MOS daily, containing up to two pounds of free available chlorine (FAC). You can also run multiple units in parallel for expanded capacity and redundancy. After initial installation, filling the brine tank with salt is the only labor required for normal operation.
Note: Standard and tabletop models need to be connected to an oxidant storage tank to hold the generated MOS solution. A pre-plumbed tank is sold separately below for convenient setup, or you can provide your own.
Includes: inline pressure reducer, hydrogen venting kit and manual.
Important: On-site oxidant generation produces hydrogen gas that must be vented (venting kit included with each generator; however, additional 1" CPVC pipe may be needed to properly vent to outside). For ease of venting, we recommend installation as close to an outside wall as possible.
Rated FAC capacity: 2.0 lbs/day
Flow rate: 2.7 gph
FAC concentration: 4000 mg/L (±1000)
Water treatment capacity (at 1 ppm FAC): 240,000 gpd
Air temperature requirements: 40 to 110°F
Feed water requirements
Temperature: 40 to 95°F
Pressure: 40 to 75 psi
Maximum Hardness: 0 to 17 mg/L (1 gpg)
Maximum silica: 20 mg/L
Salt storage capacity: 300 lbs
Salt grade requirements: food grade, 99.5% NaCl or better
Salt conversion: 3.0 to 3.5 lbs salt per lb of FAC
MIOX 2 generator: 20.75"W x 15.7"D x 13.5"H
Brine tank: 18"Dia x 40"H (standard model only)
Power requirements: 110 VAC, 4A
Standard Model
Features an integrated brine tank that holds up to six 50-lb bags of salt—enough to run continuously for 6 to 7 weeks.
Standard MIOX 2 Generator with Integrated Brine Tank 361320
Tabletop Model
Does not have a tank, making it ideal if you want to use an existing storage tank for brine.
Tabletop MIOX 2 Generator 361322
Optional Oxidant Storage Tank
Simplify your setup by connecting the optional oxidant storage tank to your chemical generator. The 40-gallon tank is preplumbed for easy installation and features automatic level controls. It measures 18"Dia x 40"H.
Oxidant Storage Tank with Level Controls 361321