USB-USA NOZZCam Sewer Cleaning Cameras
Inspect and clean your pipeline at the same time
Lightweight, portable and easy to use
Save time with the NOZZCam—this unique nozzle lets you simultaneously inspect and clean 4 to 8" pipes! It features a built-in fixed (nonleveling) CCTV camera and a display that shows exceptionally clear images from the NOZZCam’s exact positionin the pipe. The jetting nozzle features two forward, two steering and five replaceable rear-firing jets that provide extreme maneuverability. NOZZCam can operate in flows as little as 5 gpm.
The NOZZCam easily steers down laterals. Simply turn the hose as it travels down a line and aim the steering jets in the opposite direction from the way you want the NOZZCam to turn. The jets’ propulsion against the sidewall will push the NOZZCam into the lateral connection in any direction. The five powerful rear-firing jets also provide excellent pulling and cleaning power.
This compact self-contained unit features a bright 8" LCD touch-display, a built-in distance tracker, a built-in battery with up to 2-1/2 hours of runtime, and a power cable for corded operation or quick recharge. Record your inspections to an SD card (not included).
Includes: 200 feet of cable.
Pipe Size: 4 to 8"
Camera: color (non-self-leveling)
Camera dimensions: 34"
Display: 8" TFT-LCD
Light sensitivity: 0.01 lux
Lighting: 10 ultra-white light LEDs, 5 SMD-LED
Recording: SD card (not included)
Push rod diameter: 6.9mm
Reel capacity: 200'
Video format: NTSC or PAL
Power: 110V/230V (12V models available by special order)
GPM @ psi: 5 to 25 gpm @ 2000 to 4000 psi
Number of jets: 2 forward-firing, 5 rear-firing, 2 side-steering
Hose connection: 1/4", 1/2" or 3/4" (model dependent)
NOZZCam with 1/4" Hose Connection 69897
NOZZCam with 1/2" Hose Connection 69898
NOZZCam with 3/4" Hose Connection 69899