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Frequently Asked Questions - Grounds Maintenance
  • What is the difference between a backpack sprayer and a mist backpack blower?
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    • The main difference between the two is obviously one is a sprayer that you pump either manually or by use of an onboard small engine. The sprayer models are typically much less expensive for the unit, but use more chemical. The other uses a small engine to create a fine mist. Misting is the most efficient method to apply herbicides and insecticides. By spraying a fine mist, you can reduce chemical usage and cost. These are typically more expensive for the equipment.
  • When can I let pets and people back on a lawn I have sprayed with herbicide?
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    • All herbicide treated lawns should be allowed to completely dry before allowing pets or people to re-enter.
  • If I am going to treat my lawn with an herbicide, when should I mow?
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    • For best results, do not cut your lawn for 2 days before or 2 days after herbicide application.
  • What should I do if I have accidentally sprayed flowers, ornamental plants, etc. with herbicide?
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    • Quickly and thoroughly rinse plants where contact occurred.