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Frequently Asked Questions - Plugs
  • What is the difference between a Muni-Ball and a Test-Ball inflatable plugs?
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    • The Muni-Ball is equipped with a port through the length of the plug that can be used to allow water or air to flow through the plug. This port is normally capped with a threaded plug. This allows the user to bypass sewage around a section of pipeline by connecting a hose to a Muni-Ball positioned on either side of the affected pipeline or manhole and pumping the sewage around it.
  • I need to plug a 16" pipe but only have a 4" access hole. Is there a plug that will fit through a 4" opening?
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    • Cylindrical bag plugs for pipe sizes 2" through 36" collapse so that you can insert them through a small hole in the pipe wall. Once inside you can use a blunt end on a rod to push it in the desired direction before inflating it.
  • We have a rehabilitation project planned and need to redirect or isolate the flow of the effluent. What do you suggest?
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    • Flow-through sewer plugs are the answer. Simply insert the plugs into each opening in the manhole and connect the openings in the center of the plugs with hose.
  • Can I place a plug in my line without having to enter into the manhole so I can avoid a confined space entry?
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    • Yes, we offer Remote Plug Adapters to easily convert your Muni-Ball plug to a remote positioning plug. Just thread the correct size Remote Plug Adapter onto the Muni-Ball plug. You can then use a 1-1/4" threaded pipe for positioning the plug in the line. If you would like to use our aluminum pole for positioning just add the pole adapter onto the Remote Plug Adapter.
  • I need to make repairs to my system but I do not want to shut down the whole system. Is this possible?
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    • We offer various types of pipe freeze kits which will allow you to temporarily isolate the water in the system and allows repairs or modifications to be made without draining down or shutting off systems. These pipe freeze kits will work on iron, lead, stainless steel, copper, brass and plastic pipe.