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Frequently Asked Questions - Tools
  • We need to install water service lines under streets and driveways without tearing them up. What is the most economical way?
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    • Horizontal boring machines that we have seen can be very expensive. We offer a couple of economical models for much less than the cost of repairing asphalt and concrete pavement. USABlueBook offers models capable of drilling 1-3/4" holes through 14" holes. Larger sizes are available as a special order.
  • We have instituted a gate valve exercising program for our community. What gate valve turning equipment does USABlueBook have to offer?
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    • We offer everything from simple gate wrenches to powered valve operators. Electric, air, hydraulic and gasoline powered operators are available. Wide assortments of valve box wrenches are also offered.
  • What is the difference between Spur Gear Hand Winches and Worm Gear Hand Winches in regards to the cranes you offer?
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    • Spur Gear Sets:
      Gears operate in the same plane
      Shafts are parallel
      Less friction in gears mean less heat buildup
      Gear sets usually not totally enclosed
      Must be periodically lubricated with grease
      Good for long distances and quick movement
      Worm Gear Sets:
      Gears operate in perpendicular planes
      Shafts are perpendicular
      More friction in gears means more heat buildup
      Gear sets are usually totally enclosed
      Usually operate in oil bath
      Good for short distances and controlled movement
  • I frequently need to move small pumps around my facility. Do I need to purchase multiple cranes?
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    • Not necessarily. We offer an optional wheeled base that converts the hoist into a mobile floor crane. Now you can easily move your pumps virtually anywhere in your facility.
  • We tend to break a lot of probe rods due to the hard soil in our area of the country. Do you have any suggestions on what types of probes we should be using?
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    • We offer various types of probes that help to break through tightly packed or frozen soil. Try a Striking Head Probe, Piston Probe or our Slide Hammer Insulated Probe. We also have probes composed of materials such as alloy steel which resist bending and breaking.