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Frequently Asked Questions - Workwear
  • You do not have my size, can you special order a different size than what you show in the catalog?
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    • We try to stock the most popular sizes of all our Work Wear selection, unfortunately we do not always have the size you need. Most of the items in our Work Wear section are available in other sizes that are not listed in our catalog. Just give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you find the size you need.
  • How do I covert the size of your boot and shoes into a woman’s size?
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    • It is fairly simple to convert men’s boot sizes into woman’s sizes. The general rule of thumb is to subtract two sizes from the woman’s size and that would be the men’s size. For example if you are a woman’s size 9; you would be a men’s size 7. If you are not sure what size to get, or you do not see it listed, give us a call we will help you find the right size.
  • Do you have any lightweight alternatives to the traditional ANSI Traffic Vests?
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    • We now carry Mesh Traffic Vests and High Visibility T-Shirts. Both styles are available in orange and lime and Class 2 and Class 3.
  • I see that you can embroider the Industrial Work Uniforms; can you embroider Carhartt® apparel?
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    • Unfortunately we do not embroider Carhartt apparel; depending on which Carhartt item and quantities, we may be able to help you find a company that can do it for you.
  • What is the difference between Pin Lock and Ratchet Suspension?
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    • Ratchet-style has a knob that you can simply turn to adjust the size while wearing the hat; Pin Lock needs to be adjusted prior to wearing.
  • Help! You have so many varieties of work gloves how do I know what to pick?
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    • We offer a large selection of gloves, for various applications and budgets.
      Proflex® gloves: have great dexterity and fit, offering protection even while working with the smallest parts. We offer five different styles of Proflex gloves: mechanic’s, handler, utility, thermal and waterproof.
      Leather: gloves are great for many jobs around the plant. We offer three different styles of leather gloves; regular, insulated and reinforced-palm. They offer great abrasion resistance, but contrary to what many people think, they are not cut resistant.
      Kevlar®: these gloves are cut resistant and have rubber coating on the palm and finger offering a great grip.
      Nitrile-Dipped: these are a great alternative to leather in wet applications. These are a blend of cotton and polyester knit, which has a flexible natural rubber coating.
      Cotton and PVC dotted: these are great inexpensive work gloves. They offer great comfort, while providing abrasion protection. Choose from the following varieties: canvas, brown jersey, yellow chore, insulated brown, PVC dotted canvas and PVC dotted knit.
      Insulated: These are great gloves that offer warmth most of these are waterproof or water-resistant. They are perfect for outdoor jobs in the winter months.
  • What is the difference between steel-toe and safety toe?
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    • Steel-toe: has a steel covering over the toe of a boot or shoe. They meet ASTM standards for impact and compression.
      Safety-toe: has the same principal of steel toe, but it is made of a composite material offers the same protection as a steel toe, but is lighter weight. They meet ASTM standards for impact and compression.
  • I am outside all day, what do you have that can help me stay warm during the winter months?
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    • For jackets, bib overalls, and coveralls Carhartt® Extremes® is the warmest outdoor apparel Carhartt offers. The outer construction is made of durable Cordura® nylon, and the lining is made of an artic weight quilted lining. These Carhartt items will be sure to keep you warm even when it’s below zero.
      For head and ear protections we sell thermal liners. They come in various lengths and thicknesses. Each side has a warming pocket that will accommodate our warming packs! These are great for those that have to wear hard hats in the winter months. For your hands we have a variety of thermal gloves that will keep your hands warm all day.
      For added warmth anywhere try our warming packs. They offer 8 hours of warmth, perfect for pockets, winter liners and gloves. They are environmentally safe, non-toxic and disposable.