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Greyline DFS 5.1 Doppler Flow Switch
Greyline DFS 5.1 Doppler Flow Switch
Simple pin jumper operation for relay control adjustments
Greyline DFS 5.1 Doppler Flow Switches
Protects pumps from running during no-flow conditions
Easy-to-read LED flow bar graph
Control the flow of liquids containing bubbles or solids in closed pipes with the Greyline DFS 5.1 switch. Its noncontacting sensor excels where contacting sensors fail—great for wastewater, cooling water, slurries, sludge and other difficult applications. Flexible and adaptable, it’s ideal for triggering high/low flow alarms, controlling pumps, and protecting pumps in no-flow conditions.
Setup and operation are fast and easy. The sensor straps to a pipe in minutes without shutting down flow or cutting pipe. Pin jumpers let you set relay outputs for ON/OFF (including separate setpoints with a deadband). Adjustable relay time delay helps eliminate chatter. LEDs communicate flow velocity and relay status. All electronics feature integral surge protection.
Choose from AC- or DC-powered models. Cable lengths are fixed, but are field-extendable up to 500 feet (requires shielded cable and junction box).
Includes: Doppler sensor, sensor mounting bracket, strap with clamp (for pipe up to 16" OD) and acoustic coupling compound.
Accuracy: ±2%
Velocity range: 0.25 to 10 ft/sec
Pipe size: 1/2" to 15-ft ID
Display: flow rate 16-LED bar graph, relay status LED
Relay: one 5A, DPDT
Velocity setpoints: on/off adjustment from 0.25 to 10 ft/sec, or high/low flow alarms
Relay time delay: 0 to 80 seconds, adjustable
Power: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz; or 12-24 VDC (varies by model)
Enclosure: water-tight/dust-tight NEMA 4X (IP67) polycarbonate with clear, shatterproof cover
Operating temp
Electronics: -10 to 140°F (-23 to 60°C)
Sensor: -40 to 300°F (-40 to 150°C)
Sensor cable: coaxial, fixed-length (field-extendable to 500 feet; requires junction box)
Enclosure dimensions: 4.72"H x 3.54"W x 2.42"D
DFS 5.1-A1A 20' 100-240 VAC 73126
DFS 5.1-B1A 20' 12-24 VDC 73127
DFS 5.1-A1B 50' 100-240 VAC 73132
DFS 5.1-A1C 100' 100-240 VAC 73133
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