Take the Guesswork Out of FOG and Sludge Measurement Take the Guesswork Out of FOG and Sludge Measurement
USABlueBook carries the professional-grade core samplers you need for tough FOG (fats, oils and grease) applications.
DipStick Pro® Grease Trap & Tank Core Samplers
DipStick Pro® Grease Trap & Tank Core Samplers
•  Easily view settled layers of sediment, sludge and grease
•  Ball valve secures and releases samples on command
•  Available in three lengths, or use optional extensions up to 18 ft
Accurately determine the amount of sludge in septic tanks, digesters and clarifiers, and measure FOG separation in grease traps, interceptors and lift stations with this versatile core sampler. These lightweight yet durable samplers are highly portable and simple to use. Choose from three standard lengths, or add extension sections at any time (not recommended to exceed 18 feet). Sections join using integrated quick-release cam-lock fittings.
Samplers are constructed from corrosion-resistant machined aluminum and impact-resistant resin. The clear 1.5" OD PVC tubing is marked every foot for easy inspection of settled layers. The foot valve consists of a manually operated ball valve connected to an aluminum engagement rod—lets you capture a perfect sample every time. After use, easily clean the tube with a DipStick Pro brush to clear out sludge particles and prevent buildup (sold separately below).
Shipping: Additional handling fees apply to Dipstick Pro samplers and extension sections.
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DipStick Pro, 6'L (One Section) 64245
DipStick Pro 10'L (Two Sections, 6' and 4' L) 64247
DipStick Pro 18'L (Three Sections, 6' L each) 64249
DipStick Pro Extension, 4' L 64251
DipStick Pro Extension, 6' L 64253
DipStick Pro Storage Case (6' L, Fits up to 3 Sections) 64838
DipStick Pro Cleaning Brush (55" L x 1.5" Dia) 64839
How to operate
The DipStick Pro is simple to use—just insert it into the trap, lift station or tank. Pull up on the actuator handle (or lanyard cable if using a multi-section model) to contain the sample. Remove the sampler and inspect sampled contents. Once inspected, push the handle downward to release contents.

Raven CORETAKER MAX® Septic Tank Samplers
Raven CORETAKER MAX® Septic Tank Samplers
•  Available in 5' and 8' lengths
•  Designed for septic tank and pumper truck sampling
•  Heavy-duty valve assembly contains heaviest of sludges
Robust core samplers are ideal for applications requiring heavy sludge samples—great for vacuum pumper trucks, grease traps, septic tanks and wastewater sludge haulers. Large 1.5" OD tube size makes it easy to view samples.
One-piece polycarbonate tube features stainless steel fasteners for excellent strength during sampling and longer sampler life. Dripless link-release valve assembly connects to a shepherd’s hook release to take up the heaviest sludge and contain it. O-rings seal valves to the tube, preventing leaks.
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CORETAKER MAX Core Sampler, 1.5" OD x 5' L 48309
CORETAKER MAX Core Sampler, 1.5" OD x 8' L 48311
How to operate
Operation is simple: Set the shepherd’s hook on the edge of the tube’s clean end, lower the CORETAKER MAX into the process to collect a sample, and release the hook to shut the valve and trap the sample inside.
To clean, simply rinse from the open clean end of the CORETAKER MAX and flush the waste out the valve end. Because the shepherd’s hook allows the valve to remain open, it can be rinsed through and into the tank.