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Pyxis® LSP Series Submersible Level Transmitters
Features 4-20 mA and Bluetooth® digital outputs
Can be battery powered or hard wired; use virtually anywhere
Sensor material options available for corrosive liquids, chemical or process tank applications
Innovative Pyxis LSP series submersible transmitters deliver accurate level measurements where other liquid level sensors fail. Use with a wide range of liquids to continuously measure level up to 32 feet. These exceptionally flexible transmitters operate on your choice of wired or battery power for use virtually anywhere, including open and closed vessels. They’re equipped with both 4-20 mA analog and Bluetooth digital outputs. Assign the analog output to one of three parameters: level, volume remaining or volume consumed.
All transmitters must be initially configured via the wireless Bluetooth connection. Configuration is fast and easy—simply download the free uPyxis® desktop PC software or smart device app at pyxis-lab.com. If you’re using a desktop PC, a Bluetooth-to-USB adapter (stock # 53474) must be purchased separately. During operation, use the powerful, intuitive smart device app to access both historical and real-time continuous sensor data.
Two power supply options available
Choose from compact transmitters without display or standard models with an integral display and additional functionality. Compact models (no display) operate on 24-VDC power only, offering an economical yet accurate way to perform level measurements.
Standard models with display run on 24 VDC, with the added flexibility of operating on battery power—great for applications without an external power source nearby or where routing wiring isn’t possible. View real-time data on the built-in display, and store up to six months of data to the integral data logger. Measuring-rate interval is adjustable to assist with battery life (typically 6 to 9 months when rate is set to one hour). Note: When using battery power, only the Bluetooth output is functional.
Includes: remote electronics housing, sensor with integral submersion cable, 2" NPT(M) bulkhead adapter with internal cable gland, and standard power/output cable. Order end-to-end plug-in extension cables separately.
Range: 0 to 393" H₂0 (32 ft H₂O)/14 psi
Accuracy: ±0.2% of range
Resolution: 0.02" (0.5 mm)
Output: 4-20 mA
Communications: Bluetooth® Version 5.0 (32-ft line-of-sight wireless operation)
Display: 1.3" OLED and 4 pushbuttons (models with display only)
Compact models (no display): 24 VDC, 2.0W max
Standard models w/ display: 24 VDC, 2.0W max or four AA Li/SOCl2 batteries (not included)
Data logging: 6-month capacity @ 60 min/log rate (models with display only)
Operating conditions: 14 to 140°F
Materials: polycarbonate housing, PTFE cables, and 316L stainless steel/PVC/PVDF sensor (varies by model)
Housing: 1" NPT(M); includes 2" NPT(M) glanded cable-sealing bulkhead adapter
Sensor: suspension via tethered cable
Housing: 10'L (power and output connections), extend with extension cables (sold separately)
Sensor: 32.8'L (between sensor and housing, with integral vent tube), fixed
Housing: 4.33"H x 2.95"Dia (compact models) or 5.42"H x 3.15"Dia (standard models)
Sensor: 6.14"L x 1.1"Dia
Approvals: IP66 (housing), IP68 (sensor)
LSP-101 Stainless Steel 46753
LSP-201 PVC 46754
LSP-301 PVDF 46755
LSP-100 Stainless Steel 53482
LSP-200 PVC 53483
LSP-300 PVDF 53484
* Use four Li/SOCl2 AA batteries (not included; order stock # 53480 separately).
Replacement Items & Accessories
50774 Replacement Standard Cable, 10'L, 7-Pin Female x Flying Leads 53475
50775 Extension Cable, 25'L, 7-Pin Male x Female 53476
50776 Extension Cable, 50'L, 7-Pin Male x Female 53477
50777 Extension Cable, 100'L, 7-Pin Male x Female 53478
MA-NEB Bluetooth-to-USB PC Adapter 53474
50770 Wall Mounting Bracket 53481
50731 Li/SOCl2 AA Batteries, Pack of 4 53480
24-VDC Power Supply, 15W, DIN-Rail Mountable 74178
Isolation Barrier, DIN-Rail Mountable 17702