Subsite UlitiGuard in the fieldBluetooth technology lets you transmit data from the field to the office via your smartphone
UtiliGuard 2 Transmitter
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Subsite® UtiliGuard® 2 Pipe & Cable Locators
Integrated data capture, GPS positioning and a more intuitive user interface
Line direction and direction-enabled signal help identify the target line
The UtiliGuard 2 adds integrated data capture, GPS positioning and a more intuitive user interface to the original UtiliGuard’s already impressive list of performance-boosting features. This additional information will help you prove or track performance, compare data to benchmarks and provide actionable outcomes. Benefits include higher quality readings, reduced cable strikes and increased productivity across multiple crews.
Choose from standard or advanced receivers
All receivers provide line direction, direction-enabled signal (on select frequencies), and left/right guidance so you can pinpoint your target utility. The simple user interface gives you access to up to 100 different frequencies. It lets you turn on/off any variation of frequencies you require and configure the frequencies you use most. UtiliGuard+ 2 Advanced Receivers offer everything described above, plus ambient noise measurement/automatic frequency selection, offset depth and the ability to remotely control the transmitter with the receiver.
All models include Bluetooth® technology that simplifies communication and data transfer to other communication devices. Apple® and Android™ apps transfer data back to the office from the field via smartphone or tablet for immediate availability.
Transmitters work for just about any application
These versatile transmitters feature up to 100 direct-connect frequencies, multiple broadcast frequencies and optional dual connection direct-connect leads for multiple utility connections. When you can’t make a direct connection, the transmitter’s antenna allows excellent inductive tracing. Choose from models with either a T5 (5 watt) or T12 (12 watt) transmitter.
Includes: standard direct-connect cables, grounding rod, batteries and instruction manual.
Frequencies: up to 100 custom frequencies from 256Hz-83kHz
Passive frequencies: 60Hz, 120Hz, 180Hz, 300Hz, 540Hz or 50Hz, 100Hz, 150Hz, 250Hz and 450Hz
Depth/current reading: automatic
Left/right guidance: audio and visual
Display backlight: automatic
Battery life: 20 hours logging, 50 hours logging intermittent, 25 hours non-logging
Battery type: (2) D batteries or commercially available NiMH
Operating conditions: -4 to 122°F
Weight: 4.8 lbs
Frequencies: up to 100 custom frequencies from 256Hz-83kHz
Power: T5: 5W (max); T12: 12W (max)
Power settings: T5: 5 selectable; T12: 6 selectable
Battery type: 10 D batteries (included) or optional Li-Ion battery pack
Battery life: 100 hours w/ alkaline / 80 hours with Li-Ion battery pack
Operating conditions: -4 to 122°F
Weight: 7.8 lbs
UtiliGuard+ 2 Receiver with T5 Transmitter 95011
UtiliGuard+ 2 Receiver with T12 Transmitter 95012
UtiliGuard 2 Standard Receiver with T5 Transmitter 95013
UtiliGuard 2 Standard Receiver with T12 Transmitter 95014
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