Subsurface Leak Detection Inc.
ZCorr Digital Correlating Logger Systems
Perform correlations exactly like a digital correlator
Track leak sound patterns over time
Easily pinpoint the exact locations of leaks without the hassle! ZCorr Digital Correlating Loggers (DCLs) perform correlations just like a leak correlator—except the operator doesn’t have to be present once it’s deployed. You can set the loggers to run during an “overnight survey” when there is less traffic and noise. Choose from the economical 3-logger system or the more robust 8-logger system. To survey large areas of pipe, purchase additional loggers separately.
To operate, simply install the ZCorr Correlating Loggers in meter pits or valve boxes, input the required data (such as pipe size and material), and perform an overnight survey. To easily find more apparent water main leaks, you can perform a quick short-term recording using just two or three ZCorr correlating loggers on nearby valves, hydrants or meters.
ZCorr software makes pipeline leak detection and pinpointing easy and accurate. Automatic Leak Frequency Analysis (ALFA) lets you plan logger placement, listen to and record multiple soundings, and analyze the results on your personal laptop. It isolates multiple leak sounds individually at each logger, and extracts the true leak sounds from each recording—even when louder noises are present. No fixed high or low filters are needed to match the audio frequencies at two correlating loggers.
Includes: 3 or 8 loggers (model-dependent), docking station, USB cord and magnets for easy mounting.
ZCorr 3-Logger Correlation System 53467
ZCorr 8-Logger Correlation System 53466
Additional Logger 53468
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