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u-LOCATE Pipe & Cable Locator and Transmitter
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u-LOCATE Pipe & Cable Locators
High-frequency signal ideal for water systems
Left/right guidance arrows on the display
Choose from standard or sonde models
u-LOCATE pipe and cable locators let you quickly and accurately locate underground utilities to help prevent costly damages, utility strikes and service outages. They feature a high-frequency 82 kHz signal ideal for locating metal water pipelines and long-distance tracing of buried utilities.
These locators offer a passive mode that lets you safely identify and trace buried power lines and cables that are actively energized with current. Left/right guidance arrows on the high-contrast display allow fast, easy location of the desired buried target.
The u-LOCATE+ also features a 33 kHz active frequency, and a 512 Hz sonde mode for locating sondes within non-conductive pipes or cable ducts at depths of up to 15 feet. These additional frequency options give you a robust tool at an economical price.
Both models include: receiver and transmitter with accessory storage compartment. 1-year warranty. Soft carry bag, transmitter clamps and connection kit sold separately.
u-Locate: 82 kHz
u-Locate+: 33 kHz, 82 kHz
Passive frequencies: 50/60 Hz
u-Locate+: 512 kHz
Max depth (active mode): 19 ft
Max depth (sonde mode)
u-Locate+: 5 to 15 ft
Audio output: 10-1500 Hz (determined by signal strength)
Battery type: Receiver: 6 AA, Transmitter: 4 D
Battery life: 20 hours
Housing: IP65 (receiver) and IP54 (transmitter)
Operating conditions: -10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)
Weight: 9 lbs
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u-LOCATE Pipe & Cable Locator 84846
u-LOCATE+ Pipe & Cable Locator 84847
5" Transmitter Clamp 67570
8.5" Transmitter Clamp 67571
Connection Kit 67568
Locator & Transmitter Soft Carry Bag 84848