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Fluoramics LOX-8 Jar & Plunger
Sealant and Grease both available in jars or tubes with plungers for easy application
Before LOX-8
Before LOX-8
After LOX-8
After LOX-8
Fluoramics LOX-8® Sealants & Greases
NSF-approved for use in food processing facilities
Impervious to harsh chemicals used by water treatment plants
Use LOX-8 sealants and greases where oxygen or harsh chemicals, such as chlorine or powerful oxidizers, are present. They provide superior performance as both lubricants and sealants, and are stable from -400°F to 500°F. LOX-8 products are recommended for use as both lubricants and sealants by the Chlorine Institute, and are ideal for use with hydrofluorosilicic acid and sodium hypochlorite. Lox-8 Grease and Paste are covered under an NSF P1 designation that indicates that they are acceptable for use as a sealant in and around food processing areas.
LOX-8 Grease is certified for use in gaseous and liquid oxygen. Use in environments where extended service life is important, including chemical processing applications where industrial gases are present, and other aggressive applications. Fire resistant.
LOX-8 Paste is a PTFE thread sealant and lubricant specifically formulated for extreme applications, including wet, high-temperature, high-pressure and low-temperature cryogenic environments. It‘s approved for use with liquid and gaseous oxygen, and is immune to the effects of acids or bases that destroy other thread sealants. It is the toughest thread sealant you can buy.
LOX-8 Grease, 100 Gram Jar 332397
LOX-8 Grease, 100 Gram Plunger 332399
LOX-8 Paste Thread Sealant, 100 Gram Jar 332396
LOX-8 Paste Thread Sealant, 100 Gram Plunger 332398
Dispensing Gun for 100 Gram Plunger 332400