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Frequently Asked Questions - Hydrants
  • I don’t see my hydrant listed. Do you have traffic repair kits available for other models?
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    • We offer traffic repair kits and extension kits for nearly any hydrant made in the last 30 years. We list only a sampling of the most popular hydrants currently in use. As with many of our products, we can only show a few of the literally hundreds of options that are available to our customers. We specialize in the hard-to-find. Call our tech support group for your hard-to-find kits. If it’s available, chances are we can get it.
  • What color should my hydrant be?
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    • Colors for hydrants as per AWWA:
      Class AA: Blue 1500 gpm or greater
      Class A: Green 1000 to 1500 gpm
      Class B: Orange 500 to 1000 gpm
      Class C: Red Less than 500 gpm
  • Why should I use a hydrant diffuser?
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    • You use a hydrant diffuser to disperse the flow coming out of the hydrant to cut down on the ground erosion around the hydrant.
  • Why do I have to use a discharge coefficient when I calculate my hydrant flows?
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    • A discharge coefficient is used in the calculation of hydrant discharge flows because there are different outlet types and each type causes a different amount of turbulence which changes the flow calculation amount.
      Discharge Coefficient
  • Can USABluebook get city specific custom threaded hydrant adaptors?
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    • Yes. Call and ask for our Hydrant Tech Support group for pricing and availability.
  • Why is it important to flush your hydrant system?
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    • Flushing helps improve the quality of the delivered water and reduces customer complaints. Flushing should be done at dead-end and low flow applications.
  • When do I need to use a hydrant backflow preventer?
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    • You need to use a hydrant backflow preventer any time you are drawing water from a hydrant that there is even a slight chance of contaminates getting back into your fresh water supply. Check you local codes for your area’s requirements.