HydrantLok animation
USABlueBook HydrantLok™
•  Uses conventional padlocks
•  No special tools required
•  Mounts on 1-1/2" pentagon (AWWA standard) or
1-1/4" pentagon with optional adapter
USABlueBook’s patented HydrantLok deters access to water systems through fire hydrants. With the lock in place, the hydrant’s operating nut cannot be turned in either direction. No special tools are required for installation, and quick access to the integral pentagon operating nut is accomplished as quickly as removing the padlock.
The HydrantLok is made of ductile iron with a durable powder-coated red finish for maximum durability in any weather conditions. Its unique hasp-type locking device accepts most padlocks with shackles up to 5/16" in diameter, so you have the option of selecting the style of lock that best meets your requirements. Padlocks are sold separately. Click here to view our full selection of padlocks.
1-1/2" Flat to Point 22529   Add to cart $ 113.95
Adapter for 1-1/4" Pentagon 22523   Add to cart 13.29
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How HydrantLok™ Protects Your Hydrant

1.) Standard hydrant with a 1-1/2" pentagon (AWWA standard)— unprotected from water thieves!

2.) Place the pentagon adapter on and secure with SS set screws. Allen wrench is provided. This leaves you with a standard pentagon to open and close the hydrant as you normally would.

3.) Place the outer cover over the pentagon adapter.

4.) Insert the steel hasp pin into the hole.

5.) Rotate the hasp pin up and in place against the locking loop.

6.) Add a padlock of your choice with up to a 5/16" diameter shackle. Your hydrant is now secure.