Web FAQ’s—
For comments regarding website please contact us at: [email protected]
Q: Why doesn’t my old login work?
A:  New individual login IDs have been created for customers who are already in our system with unique email addresses. All other customers “without a current unique email address” must create a new unique login ID. This is being done for added security and a more personalized website experience.
Q: How do I log in for the first time?
A:  Click here to go to our New Member Sign Up to create your individual unique login. Be sure to enter a Unique Email Address, as it is important for the security of your account.
Q: Can I share a login ID with someone else?
A:  No. Everyone must have their own unique individual login.
Q: What if I do not have a unique email address?
A:  Please click here to set up a new email address.
Q: What if I share an email address with my co-worker(s)?
A:  We recommend using a personal email address. This email address will not be used for any type of solicitation. It will only be used to send you information regarding your account, such as new account verification, order confirmation, requested password, etc.
Q: Is my password case sensitive?
A:  Yes.
Q: What if I want to change my password?
A:  Click here, log in to the website using your current ID and password. Then enter your new password. Simple.
Q: What if I forgot my password?
A:  Please click here, enter your email login towards the bottom of the screen and click submit to reset your password. An email will be sent to your registered email account with a link to enter a new password.
Q: What if I have a login ID, but get locked out of the system?
A:  Please call our Customer Service Dept at 800-548-1234 for assistance.
Q: What if I am having trouble setting up my online account?
A:  Please call our Customer Service Dept at 800-548-1234 for assistance.