Repair Services
Our skilled repair technicians perform both warranty and non-warranty repairs on a wide range of equipment. For any potential repair, always call first. We can often pinpoint the problem over the phone—and you may be able to solve the problem yourself by simply purchasing and replacing a system component.
If we need a closer look at the item, we’ll send you a free shipping label. We generally evaluate items within two days of receipt. If the item is eligible for in-house repair we can usually ship it back to you within a week.
Phone: 800-548-1234
Fax: 847-689-3030
Factory-Authorized Warranty & Non-Warranty Work
• YSI Laboratory Equipment
• Pulsafeeder Chemical Feed Pumps
• LMI Chemical Feed Pumps
• Honda Generators
• Honda Pumps
In-House Evaluation: FREE
Factory-Authorized Repair Rates: FREE
Non-Warranty Repair Rates: $135/hour (charged in 1/4-hour increments) plus the cost of parts
Repair Services & Evaluation
• Chemical Feed Pumps Not Listed Above
• Generators
• Locators
• Conductivity Meters
• pH and DO Meters
• Gas Detectors
In-House Evaluation: FREE
Repair Rates: $135/hour (charged in 1/4-hour increments) plus the cost of parts
Trade-In Discount
If you decide a repair isn’t an economical option based on our estimates, we’ll give you 10% off the purchase of an identical or comparable product. Sorry, but this discount cannot be combined with other discounts or promotional offers.
Product Recalls
Click here to view any product recalls. Any time one of our suppliers alerts us to a product recall, we will post the information on that page.