Trade Groups
Following are some trade groups representing products used in the water supply and wastewater industries. These organizations’ services vary widely but they generally have helpful publications, offer some technical assistance, and can provide referrals for additional information.
Concrete Pipe
American Concrete Pipe Association
American Concrete Pressure Pipe Association
Clay Pipe
National Clay Pipe Institute
Cast and Ductile Iron Pipe
Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute
Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association
Plastic Pipe
Plastics Pipe Institute
Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association
Steel Pipe
Steel Tube Institute of North America
Valve Manufacturers Association of America
American Backflow Prevention Association
Pipe Installation
National Utility Contractors Association
North American Society for Trenchless Technology
Steel Tanks
Steel Plate Fabricators Association
Society for Protective Coatings
Automatic Meter Reading Association (Utilimetrics)
Fluoridation of Drinking Water
Contact your state health department or American Dental Association.
The Chlorine Institute
National Lime Association
Salt Institute
International Ozone Association
International Ultraviolet Association
Suitability of chemicals to be added to, or in contact with, potable water
Check first with your state health department or public water supply agency, or contact NSF International