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    7" Ceramic Dome to 9" Membrane Conversion Kits
    Major capacity increase and efficiency gains; reduced maintenance
    Quick, easy, economical conversion

    Item: 32193
    Weight: 1.6 lbs
    Catalog Price: $31.00 

    Use for flexible membrane conversion of 7"-dia AERCOR™ and Norton™ ceramic dome units (1/2" center bolt design) to 9"-dia disc membrane diffuser units. Normal operation airflow for the converted 9" unit is 0 to 5 cfm per unit.

    Includes: EDI 9"-dia advanced technology disc diffuser with 3/4" NPT(M) threads, 3/4" NPT(F) PVC adapter, 1/2" 304 SS orifice attachment screw, and EPDM gasket for sealing the assembly to the pipe.

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