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    Stoddard Filter/Silencer Housing with Paper Element (1.5"NPT)
    Designed to reduce noise levels as well as provide clean air

    Item: 10610
    Weight: 8.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $123.95 

    Paper filters remove 99% of 1 micron particles, whereas polyurethane filters remove 98% of 10 micron particles. Polyurethane elements can usually be cleaned and reused 4 to 8 times before the pores close or tear. Pressure drop indicators tell you exactly when it’s time to change your elements. Select a filter housing with a connection size at least as large as your blower’s inlet connection insure design efficiency.

    Stock housings include one paper filter element. All housings of a given size will accept any of the three types of filter elements for that size.

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