Part#: 68121
Weight: 8.0 lbs

Superior VR-1 Regulator CL2 To 100 PPD

  • Up to 60% fewer parts than some brands
  • Made of the highest quality materials available
Price: $1,330.00
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The design of Superior chlorinators was influenced by the chlorination industry’s most experienced and creative minds. They incorporate innovative new solutions that correct operational and structural weaknesses in other brands which date back to the 1960s and 1970s. This results in a chlorinator with unsurpassed simplicity and structural integrity, backed by the strongest overall warranty in the industry. Its user-friendly design allows you to carry out routine maintenance (such as cleaning out deposits of impurities carried by the chlorine gas) with standard hand tools. If you’re the one who’s going to operate and maintain the chlorinator after it is purchased, Superior is the one you want.

Extremely tough 0.025" ECTFE scratch-resistant coating has no corrosive effect. Body bolts and nuts are titanium which are totally unaffected by Cl2. Molded parts are fiberglass-reinforced ABS with carbon black for high UV light resistance, providing very high strength and resistance to mechanical cracking and warping over time.

PVDF cylinder valve to regulator inlet adapter is chemically inert and carries a lifetime warranty, as does the ECTFE main regulator diaphragm and main regulator spring. PVDF rate valve seat provides dimensional stability and resistance to swelling.

The standard ejector check valve assembly is rated for both high and low pressure and has DUAL check valves for positive sealing at all backpressures from 0 to 300 psi. The standard "universal" ejector diffuser with the strongest threaded area available allows use of high pressure solution hose, direct ejector mounting in mains, or in-line piping with rigid solution pipe. Standard wrench size lugs are provided on all screwed-together ejector parts for easy servicing.

PVDF standard vacuum tubing fittings feature tapered junctions, allowing tubing to be easily pushed onto ferrule. Extended wings on nuts make it easy to remove lines after extended use.

Superior chlorinators and sulphonators feature a "clearly Superior" warranty. Three-year warranty includes not only complete systems, but also assembled components such as regulators and ejectors which are purchased separately. Models with capacities up to 2000 ppd are available, including direct cylinder mounted regulators with rate valve and models for ton containers. Please specify feed rate in ppd of chlorine required, supply pressure at the ejector inlet, and total water pressure immediately downstream of the ejector outlet. Also let us know if you are using a booster pump. Note: All systems include regulator, feed rate indicator, ejector and 25' (50' dual) 3/8" vent and vacuum tubing.

Tech Specs
  • Vacuum Regulator: Cl2
  • Range: to 100 ppd