Part#: 66511
Weight: 1.0 lbs
Brand: Pulsafeeder

5-Function Valve for PULSAtron® Pumps‚ 1/4" NPT(M)‚ 150 PSI

  • Anti-siphon back pressure
  • Pump head air bleed
  • Discharge line drain
Price: $100.00
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This valve connects to the discharge valve on most PULSAtron pumps and CHEM-TECH® Series 100 and 200 pumps. The functions are selected by setting two independent dual position knobs. Pressure relief settings are fixed, so the valve must be selected based on the pumps maximum pressure rating. Valve body is constructed of PVDF with PTFE faced CSPE diaphragms.

The 10th digit of your pump number tells you the tubing size. Example: Pump model LPG5SA-PTC1; the 1 means the pump uses 3/8" tubing; a 3 is for 1/2" tubing.