Part#: 41937
Weight: 38.0 lbs

Neptune DBF Bypass Feeder, 5 gal, DBF-5HP

  • Easy-open cap is rated to 300 psi for excellent sealing
  • Optional bag filter eliminates the need for a separate filter
Price: $559.95
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A bypass feeder, or “shot feeder,” is the best choice for slug feeding of solid biocide in cooling tower applications. Neptune’s bypass feeders are designed to hold up in the most difficult applications.

All feeders feature an innovative quick-opening, high-pressure cap. These caps provide excellent sealing up to 300 psi and do not require tools to open once pressure has been relieved. The underside of the cap, which contacts the liquid, is epoxy-coated to reduce the likelihood of corrosion.

Dish bottom out (DBF) models include demountable leg extensions and a full bottom drain.

The optional Filter Bag Kit (stock # 42167) includes a bag, bag frame, tubing and connectors. Adding a filter bag lets the bypass feeder simultaneously function as a side stream filter. (A clean bag is rated at approximately 30 microns.)

Tech Specs
  • Material: painted steel
  • Max. pressure: 300 psi
  • Max. temperature: 200ºF
  • Opening size: 3-1/2"
  • Connection size: 3/4" NPT(F)