Part#: 66097
Weight: 20.0 lbs
Brand: _Unspecified

Manhole Debris Catcher

  • Reduce confined space entry
  • Save time & money
Price: $645.00
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The manhole debris catcher is easy to install from above the manhole, reducing confined space entries during routine manhole repairs. Simply lower the debris catcher with a J-hook and rope to the bottom of the manhole and slowly allow the basket to open. Remove the hook and rope and start your repairs. The unit opens to 48" and has a capacity of 50 lbs.

After you complete the job, just use the J-hook and rope to slowly retrieve the debris catcher. There is no need for a jetter or vacuum truck because all the debris has been caught.

The debris catcher’s fabric is industrial-coated woven nylon and vinyl. The weave is vulcanized together to form an incredibly tough, tear-resistant, canvas-like fabric. Four 2" wide latex-treated nylon web straps provide additional support. An invert bridge made from strong yet flexible 3/16" high-density plastic is attached to the bottom of the debris catcher to allow unobstructed flow. It is secured by eight 1" fiberglass supports.

The lifting assembly consists of two spherical rings 3/8" steel with an 8" diameter, providing an easy-to-catch lifting point for a J-hook. The rings are attached to the debris catcher by eight 3/16" nylon-coated cables.


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