Part#: 25685
Weight: 9.0 lbs
Brand: Geophone

Geophone Acoustic Leak Detector Kit

  • Redesigned with the highest quality materials for ultra sensitivity
  • Most reliable leak detector available—no batteries required!
  • Compact and economical
Price: $409.95
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Machined from solid brass bar stock, these leak detectors feature a photo-etched, phosphor bronze diaphragm sensor for ultra-sound sensitivity. Simply place sensors on the ground. They’ll pick up and amplify sound vibrations, then transmit them to your headset. You’ll hear even the slightest trickle while moving the sensors up and down a street. Follow the sound down a service line to where sound is the loudest. Heavy duty hard-shell plastic case protects the delicate precision sensors from potential impacts or crushing hazards during storage or transport.

Includes: stethoscope headset, two ultra-sensitive brass sensors, tubing, hard ear piece and case.

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