Part#: 42524
Weight: 3.0 lbs
Brand: Rust-Oleum

Coal Tar Epoxy, 1 Quart Can Activator (For 1-Gal. Mixture)

  • Ideal for corrosive environments
  • Economical, heavy-duty performance
Price: $24.45
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Ideal for wastewater treatment facilities, this self-priming, two-component system is specifically designed for use in severe environments. It can be used on concrete or steel structures, and on steel surfaces that are exposed to extremely corrosive environments. Not for use in potable water tanks. Meets U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Specs. C-200, C-200A; Steel Tank Institute Corrosion Control System STI-P3; American Water Works Association Spec. C-210-84. Available in flat black color only. Cannot be sold in the south coast air quality management district.

This is a two-part system that requires purchase of base component and activator unit.

Note: this item may be restricted from sale in certain states. Please check with your local governing body to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations.

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Tech Specs
  • Type: Activator Unit
  • Size: 1 Gallon