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Part#: 25514
Weight: 1.2 lbs
Brand: Nasco

Sludge Judge Complete Set

  • Complete kits or replacement parts available
Price: $100.95
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Sludge Judge samplers take accurate measurements of settleable solids in slurries that contain less than 5% solids. All units consist of three 5-ft sections for easy transport.

Sludge Judge features a 3/4" butyrate tube and holds approximately 3 oz per ft.

If you have a Sludge Judge and are unsure of which model you have: red foot markers and black fittings = Sludge Judge; red foot markers and white fittings = Sludge Judge II; and blue foot markers and black fittings = Sludge Judge Ultra.

Note: Sludge Judge series samplers are not autoclavable or compatible with CorePro® samplers.

Shipping: Additional handling fees apply.