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    Dura-Flex Coupling Element WE5
    Precise shaft alignment without having to eyeball it

    Item: 37423
    Weight: 2.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $149.79 

    TB Wood’s top quality flex couplings reduce vibration between your pump and motor. Each coupling is made up of two coupling halves and one insert/element (order both separately). Choose from Sure-Flex and Dura-Flex couplings.

    Heavy-Duty Dura-Flex Couplings are ideal for tough environments. If you've had premature failures with other flex couplings in the past, Dura-Flex is your best option. It offers a unique shoe design that minimizes bond stress and ensures long life. Their specially-formulated elastometric construction stands up to UV radiation and other harsh weather conditions.

    To order the right coupling:

    To select a Dura-Flex coupling, simply order the same QD bushing type you’re currently using. Dura-Flex elements are available in a standard length or with a spacer for applications requiring more distance between the coupling halves.

    Note: for a complete coupling, order two coupling halves and one insert (Sure-Flex) or element (Dura-Flex). Bore size is required when ordering Sure-Flex coupling halves.

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